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Getting Married?

I want this summer to be the season of weddings. I'm now offering AMAZING deals on my wedding packages. Shoot me an email at andrea@andrealopezphotography.com or give me a call 509.393.3482

about ME

Through some struggles and life changing events I found that as long as I have my family by my side anything is possible... My first "job" in life is being a mommy.  Everything else comes second, but for me that's how it should be.  I am also a Radiologic Technology student working full time for free, fun hu! It's funny how much radiology and photography have in common and I'm really enjoying it.

I didn't realize my passion for photography until a year ago.  I bought a new camera and realized that taking great pictures isn't as simple as buying one of those really nice, big, "professional"-cameras.  So I started reading...books, magazines, blogs, pretty much anything and everything.  My son is the inspiration behind all of it, but my husband is who makes it happen.  Without his encouragement and support I would never have realized my true-passion.  Photography completes me! Ha...really though it does!

I LOVE and enjoy: coffee, chocolate, Mexico, warm-vanilla-scents, pedicures, my mommy, Sleepy Time Tea, and anything photography related--I love capturing life's moments.